Innovative, Passionate Game Design

I've been a gamer most of my life, and a coder almost as long, naturally Game Development became a big passion for me.

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A little bit about me

I've been a gamer for as long as ive been able to use a mouse and keyboard, and I started showing an interest in wrting code at as young as 7 years old. Because of this Game Development became a major focus and passion for me.

I am a graduating student at The Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Media studying a BA Degree in Film Arts with a Game Development Focus. My Game Development experience lies mostly in the Unity 3D engine using C#. During this course I have also had in-depth experience working with software such as:

  • Blender
  • The Adobe Suite (Especially Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere)
  • Reaper
  • FMOD
  • Substance Painter

I have also spent time developing native C# applications and have experience developing native Android and iOS applications and have more than 2 years professional web development experience using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and AJAX to develop both consumer and administrative systems.


Game Development

Development of Games for various platforms using the Unity 3D engine, coded using C#.

3D Modeling

3D asset creation using Blender and textured using both native tools and Substance Painter.

Web Development

Development of complex administrative backend solutions and consumer friendly front ends using HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL and Ajax.


Development of native applications for both Android and iOS platforms using Android Studio, Swift, XCode and Visual Studio Xamarin.


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You can contact me via email at any time for offers, feedback, questions, advise or anything else you may need.